Wednesday, February 9, 2005 After 20 minutes yesterday, Francois Fillon expressed today in Liberation pages.

Wednesday, February 9, 2005 After 20 minutes yesterday, Francois Fillon expressed today in Liberation pages. It repeats the same things … In particular, it lets hear again that the students are handled, helped by Le Figaro who uses the same argument. At the same time the World and 20 minutes we learn that Francois Fillon has already fallen on some points and also preparing itself to table amendments to his own text … The "macabre constant", you know? This concept popularized several years ago by Andre Antibi developed in the record that the Parisien devoted to evaluation. Good reading… ——————————————— – Release of 09/02/05 Francois Fillon: "the students have been at least uninformed" to say that the common core of knowledge summarizing the school’s ambition is false: it will instead be a way to fight against failure ensuring at each stage of the route that the progress of the pupil meets the requirements. To say that we want, in this context, suppress physical education, history, geography or economics and social sciences is also wrong. Those who claim all this have not read _ or pretend not to have read _ the text. Ditto on our supposed will introduce early selection early in the college. I’m the opposite, since I maintain the current objectives and I endows us, moreover, the instruments to achieve them! […] Do you think, as you said, that the students are "manipulated"? I do not put necessarily hurtful intention behind this word and certainly do not want to give the impression of being deaf to questions and doubts. But I find that when students demonstrated against the "commodification" of the school or the regionalization of the tray, they were at least misinformed. […] Read more of the article Manifs always Several mobilizations, yesterday, Fillon against the project Read More Article ————————————— —— Le Figaro 09/02/05 Education: Francois Fillon holds its course: the tension rose a notch yesterday about the bill on the school. While Francois Fillon was heard by the Committee on Social Affairs of the National Assembly, the Socialist Party and the UDF have given voice. Jean-Marc Ayrault, the president of the Socialist Group, has announced that he would lead a battle against the project from next Tuesday, the first day of the plenary debate, as Jack Lang, the former Minister of Education, demanded outright the "withdrawal of the project." As for the UDF, it threatens not to vote the text if the government ignores its proposals: "The text that was intended orientation text for the next twenty years did not go far enough," said Yves Lachaud door Floor-group for education issues. Meanwhile, students and teachers prepare for battle. The student unions – LDIFs and UNL – called yesterday at general meetings in all establishments to organize future events. But from yesterday, several hundred of them marched through the streets of Paris, and several thousand in Lyon and Rennes, demanding the withdrawal of the reform and in particular that of the tray. The representatives of the Inter (Faen, FERC-CGT, FSU, Sgen-CFDT, UNSA), they try to keep their troops under tension during the school holidays and threaten a day of action in March. It could focus more on budget issues as the Fillon law. At that time indeed, all institutions know their staffing – usually downwards, as for September 2005. Read more of the article The main measures Read More Article rumors and manipulations agitate the students there these teachers here and there, real firebrands, who do not hesitate to explain to their students that the reforms threaten their future. There are those political parties that encourage young people to say all the evil they think of the Fillon law. There are these rumors. Those that peddle educational leaders – "My teacher told me that there would be police officers in all establishments," said Anthony, second in a Parisian high school – but also those whose teenagers are so fond, that swell of a high school to another, through the general assemblies and the students which often do not have the means to verify the truth. The echo of the suppression of science eco second continued to tour the "chests" although after denial of Francois Fillon … Obviously there projects that, far from any influence, cause gut reactions of students. Finally, there is the regular cravings go pound the pavement, some parades sometimes resembling real fairs that shots protest fist. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 09/02/05 Utrillo expressed calico "the more we know, the more we love. "Yesterday morning, the students of Maurice Utrillo, comprehensive school of Stains, Seine-Saint-Denis, hid this sentence Leonardo and slept the black marker on T-shirts made of white sheets. The more we know and the more we love: a way to inform their responsible Minister that one is never too erudite. While it seeks to offload the deemed non essential knowledge, the students were to know they are not good sheep ready to leave mow rush in the mowers. As other hand, they have answered the call, launched on Saturday by a high school student coordination, making yesterday a time of mobilization. Read more of the article Great Poking learning difficulties for early tracking According to a report to be released today and whose Monde on Sunday, February 6 revealed the outline, specific structures outside traditional college sector says one, would be conducive to promoting academic failure. Delivered this afternoon the High Council of School Evaluation (HCEE), the report on "the treatment of major learning difficulties" was written by Andre Hussenet, Inspector of Education and Philippe Santana inspector ‘academy. According to them, 170,000 students were greeted outside the fourth class and third in 2003 traditional, in structures such Segpa, Clipa (classes employability by alternating) and other courses for students in difficulty. "It is now clear that these structures have a significant influence on the output without qualification," the authors note. At school and social criteria equivalents attending a fourth technology and increase the risk of output without qualification 23% attending a CPA (preparatory classes for learning) would raise the 50% and a fourth of 47% support. "It seems that college courses have functioned as dead ends while passing in vocational school would have rather been seen as a chance of success," the report concludes. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien 09/02/05 Should we note otherwise? The main associations of parents and teachers unions launch tomorrow a solemn appeal to the Minister of Education. They demand a "more accurate assessment of student work" to fight against school failure. There are teachers who impose controls too long. Others who rain down 4/20 or harden the year, just to see if the best is in debrouilleront. It’s not that they are vicious, these teachers or followers of the cleaver rating. Rather, it would report to a reflex, usually unconscious, and the concern to remain credible, not being accused of laxity. The result is always the same, regardless of class, good or bad: three small piles (one third each) strong equivalent means and ill. "This is what I call the macabre constant: always have students who are failing. Worse artificial failure! "Complains Andrew Antibi, associate researcher of Mathematical Science Education, crusading for over fifteen years, against the" absurd and unfair assessment "of middle and high school students. This is obviously not the first time that the system, decried since May 1968, has called into question. Except that this time, the attack takes on a more massive and coordinated turn. Tomorrow morning, several teachers unions and students (UNSA, League of Education, Snesup-FSU, UNEF …), and the three major associations of parents (Peep, CIPF Unapel) launch a solemn appeal to the Minister of Education, Francois Fillon, "for a more accurate assessment of student work and students." The orientation law school, discussed next week in the National Assembly, provides an unexpected platform signatories to relaunch the debate. Read more of the article VOICE EXPRESS: What do you think the rating system? Thomas 16 YEARS FIRST LITERARY PARIS VIII "It is too rigid. The notes should better reflect the efforts and not just the result. It should also reflect the personality of the student, his creativity, his behavior … It where can i get answers for my homework
would be more accurate. I like the Anglo-Saxon system, which classifies students into ability groups: A, B, C and D. It is less penalizing and less guilt. "Mae 14 YEARS THIRD GRENOBLE (38)" The teachers tend to write too harshly. It’s demotivating. In history, the average in my class is 5/20. It’s not normal. It is oriented to the end of the third, but in the fourth the pressure is felt. I have friends who do not know what they want to do later. So when they have bad grades, they get discouraged. »Read more of the article The behavior also assessed a math 14/20 or 10/10 dictation, we know, but what about a 12/20 in school life? Soon, the Grade 3 will inaugurate this new assessment. For the first time, the school will, in effect, note the behavior of a student: his class attitude, respect for rules, his diligence, his commitment to the life of the institution … A note decided in class council and that will count in obtaining the patent with a coefficient 2. in any case provides that the draft law Fillon, the Minister of Education to defend the Assembly from next Tuesday. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– the Cross of Nothing seen … 09/02/05 ——————————– —————- 20 minutes from 09/02/05 Fillon loose ballast, high school students show students beat the pavement and it starts to pay. While thousands of students marched yesterday against the bill on the school, the Minister of Education gave two signs of easing. He restored the compulsory teaching of a second language class second claim of teacher unions. Moreover, it allowed two more months the working group on reform of the tray, pushing the date of submission of its conclusions from March 31 to 31 May This reform will be the focus of school demonstrations planned throughout France tomorrow, and the day of action on February 15 teacher. Francois Fillon also reiterated his intention to see the Assembly debating reform. Read more of the article "Helping to spot signs of distress" Xavier Pommereau Psychiatrist in Chief of the medical-psychological unit of the teenager at Bordeaux University Hospital (Center Jean Abadie). Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— West of France 09/02/05 Go ahead: This dictation worth zero points to a much students following dictation ‘relatively simple’ which earned a zero points (at least 10 mistakes ) to 56% of 2300 Second of students tested by the group ‘Save the letters. The text, given the brevet in 1988, fired Monday Tales of Alphonse Daudet. The advices Read More Article ————————————– ———– Le Monde 10/02/05 Fillon submitted four amendments to the bill on Francois Fillon school noted the criticism by the president of the constitutional Council Pierre Mazeaud, and the President of the national Assembly Jean-Louis Debre, on its draft framework law on the school. "We must take into account the new context and have filed a number of amendments on behalf of the government, "said Minister of education who presented on Tuesday, 8 February, his project before the Committee on cultural, family and social Affairs of the national Assembly. Four amendments are intended to avoid censorship of the Constitutional Council, which could sanction the presence in the project, many of the provisions under not of law but of regulation. Read more of the article Television, the leading cause of obesity in middle school? What makes you fat kids? A nutritional survey published in the Weekly Epidemiological Bulletin (BEH) of Tuesday, February 8 rejoice, for once, the food processing industry. Conducted in September 2003 among 963 college students aged 11-12 enrolled in Haute-Savoie, the survey, conducted by the Institute of Health Surveillance (InVS), shows that one of the main associated factors that differentiate overweight children those of normal weight is. the use of television and video games. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Posted by Watrelot on Wednesday, February 9, 2005

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