And just about the little Carlos who had former photographer of celebrities, it turned out that the child was entrusted to the relatives of the former husband.

We thought only the team left there, five Sherpas of our expedition. Here, we have not thought about the mountain, but to the people who He had remained there. ” She knew Nardi. What did he think after they had been confronted his death. “I have come to mind many memories of when we climbed together.

Above all I thought about the winter expedition of 2015-16. But even more than the year before. In March of 2015 we came very close to the summit of Nanga, we along with Muhammad Ali.

If we had done that year there, maybe not nothing would happen: either the climb of the year after, or we’d be where we are and would not talk about what we are saying. I am very sad for the family of Daniel and in thinking about Tom, who has his mother on K2, and now he’s here on Nanga Parbat. he goes to reunite with her mom long before the time, unfortunately.

I do not personally know but from what I could find out with the rest of the team, seeing the video images, was a person more quiet and introverted. at base camp we all raved about them. what we can and try to do from here is to convey our warmth and affection to families, let him know that we are at their full disposal, as from the start. We know that for us now is over, but for the family begins a life without Tom and Daniel …. “We have seen pictures of the search and also the images of the two avalanches that came down from big seracs while you were in action …” It can It looks like we risked a lot, but it is true that the difficulty of the route begins at 6000 meters while the danger is mostly from field 1 to field 3. Serve speed and carefully to minimize the inevitable risks.

And that’s what we did. Avalanches fortunately there have not involved. The problem is that the Nanga Parbat in March was no middle ground. In the sun it is very hot and the shadows and the night is cold very much. This is the detonator of all those avalanches.

The way we found to be in good condition. Perhaps safer than you think. “Alessandro Filippini

February 27, 2019 – Milan The determination of Taurus in the new Pramac Ducati. The new livery of the Desmosedici GP, entrusted in 2019 to Francesco Bagnaia and Jack Miller, has in fact been designed by the Lamborghini Style Center directed by Mitja Borkert. very beautiful and aggressive graphics, unveiled in Sky Studios, where the same Borkret is proud: “I and the Style Center team are big fans of MotoGP and it was a great pleasure to contribute to the implementation of this project with Pramac. the design of the livery of the Ducati Desmosedici GP inspired by the colors of the team and sends the team spirit: full of determination and will to win. ” Moto2, Bagnaia: “The goal is to be the Rookie of the Year” ambitions – ambitions of the team, its eighteenth season in a row at the start of the top class, are contained in the words of Paolo Campinoti, team principal: “The Year last year we got a great result with the title of ‘Best Independent Team’. with the confirmation of Jack Miller, who will have the official Ducati, and the great talent of the Moto2 world champion, Francesco Bagnaia, in 2019 we aim to confirm at very important levels and have the fantastic livery of the Lamborghini Style Center is a great pride for us. ” He is echoed by the manager Francesco Guidotti team, “he is about to begin one of the most exciting seasons for our team: Jack and Pecco have shown in tests to have all the papers in order to obtain significant results and our task will be to work to up to enable them to we can give great satisfaction. ” Miller and Bagnaia with the new DesmosediciGP Pramac riders – And here’s the drivers, with the pair composed by Australian Jack Miller and Moto2 champion, Francis ‘Pecco’ Bagnaia, climbed upstairs and debutant in the category. “For me it is a very important season – says Miller – I provided the official version of the Ducati Desmosedici GP and I have to prove to be competitive and to be able to stay with the leading group.

MotoGp, Miller:” I have to bring the GP19 on podium “I can also count on the support of my team with whom we have built a wonderful relationship last season. now is the time to make a quantum leap in level of results.” – The Pramac Ducati for 2019 designed by Centro Lamborghini sin Style – So much waiting for Francesco Bagnaia “I am excited to start this new adventure with a team from day one has been very present proven, very attentive and great ambitions. In we did well testing, lap by lap my feeling with the Ducati grew: those in Malaysia were a bit ‘easier, while in Qatar we struggled more, but that’s normal and it’s even better that the problems, if any, emerge at this stage. the race simulation in the end gave us a lot of information: we did not have time attack, but as a step went very well. I can not wait to get on track in Qatar for the first GP: I still move circumspectly in this new and immense world of MotoGP, but I take so many looks of appreciation and respect and it makes me happy. I want to grow and gain experience, I have a great team behind him to do it, and would love to win the t itle of ‘Rookie of the Year’ at the end of the season. ” Gasport

September 17, 2015 – Milan GalleriaNina Moric, summer is social not let go of it Nina Moric. Objective of the last explosive edged Croatian showgirl, once again, the old rival in love, Belen Rodriguez, busy these days in Spoleto on the set of the fiction Don Matteo, in which he will play the part of an escort. “It’s a real bitch in heat, even when it is out of bed,” he bluntly attacked the former wife of Fabrizio Corona from the microphones of the radio broadcast of Wild Lucarelli and Fabio De Vivo broadcast on M2o.

Not only. The shots that Nina Moric vibrates follow each other in rapid sequence: “It is a false woman as the banknotes made from the papyrus … one that does not even speak Italian. I do not understand how it can work in television …,” he added after accusing her of trying to take away his son Carlos.

And just about the little Carlos who had former photographer of celebrities, it turned out that the child was entrusted to the relatives of the former husband. “Blame for a fight with my mother,” he told the Croatian model. “A few months ago he beat me to a pulp without reason. She’s a good woman, but is very unstable and I have not wanted to report. I did call from Carlos 118 and from that moment I took him on.” But Moric not discouraged, indeed. “I am a very good mother.

They are wise, sweet, naughty and especially ironic …”. And when Wild Lucarelli asked her the future she had no hesitation: “My dream? Do the babysitter.” Gasport

June 1, 2015 – Milan Fabio Aru and Astana in the Gazzetta TV studios. Bozzani One of the great protagonists of the Tour of Italy just ended, Fabio Aru, guest Gazzetta TV at 19.30 with sporting director Giuseppe Martinelli and faithful squires Paolo Tiralongo, Dario Cataldo and Diego Rosa to relive the excitement of the race and recount the background, with an eye toward the future.

Aru will also discuss the possibility to compete in the Tour de France in support of Vincenzo Nibali, or – more likely – the Vuelta of Spain in the second half of the season. All mixed up entr’actes curious and funny and Aru predictions and his companions on the winner of the upcoming Tour de France. According to preliminary projections would be at the head of their preferences a Sicilian runner dell’Astana …

Giro, Aru: “What fancy a fish dish” “PROCESS” A MARTINELLI – And then Giuseppe Martinelli, who will jokingly (but not too) to put “barrier” by Andrea Berton and respond point by point to the main accusations leveled at dell’Astana commander during the Giro, which nevertheless was able to carry through with the second and third place overall, winning the team classification , the white jersey and five stage wins. Contador-Aru, detachment Giro for posting ARU And Contador – Aru tell even the emotions felt in his embrace with Paolo Tiralongo after the victory of the Sicilian in San Giorgio del Sannio, and those with his girlfriend and parents after the release victory Cervinia.

And again, what envy Fabio Aru Alberto Contador? Find out on Gazzetta TV, channel 59 of the DDT, starting from 19.30. Gasport

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